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ZIP Viewer Tool is a specialized tool for viewing damaged files of the ZIP format and recovering their data
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6 March 2014

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When it comes to compressing files and bunching them together the zip format is the most apparent choice. Moreover zip files can be securely sent over email or uploaded on webhosts by encrypting them. However despite its several benefits, the zip format has an ingrained vulnerability of getting corrupted during a transfer process. Now in case you have landed yourself with a corrupted zip archive, you can check out the ZIP Viewer Tool 1.2.21 application to get back your data. This versatile tool is capable of dealing with thoroughly botched up archive files and is not constrained by their size.

The ZIP Viewer Tool 1.2.21 application opens up with a neat interface which is fairly simple to use. To start with you need to select the zip archive you wish recover and then click on the Next button. Thereafter you can initiate the recovery process and even preview the files that the application brings forth. Next you can save the recovered files at a place of your choice. Even if you have a large zip archive with a file size of over four gigabytes, this powerful tool can get its contents back to you in a jiffy. Moreover the application is able to work through encrypted archives and even spanned zip files. The tool works with the latest Windows 8 operating system and is rather light on your system resources. When it comes to different media types, the tool can negotiate both optical and magnetic media including floppy disks. It can also be used on solid state devices and memory cards with equal ease.

In light of its flawless and quick performance in getting back all the data from corrupted zip archives we mark the ZIP Viewer Tool 1.2.21 application with a score of three and a half rating stars.

Publisher's description

ZIP is arguably the most popular format of compressed files in the world, which obviously means that millions of its users occasionally have to deal with the problem of broken ZIP archives. This may be the result of a data transmission error, a power outage, a hardware crash or a virus attack, but no matter the reason, the consequence is always a pain in the neck for the person who needs the information stored in it. This is exactly the situation where tools like ZIP Viewer Tool come in extremely handy and often indispensable.
ZIP Viewer Tool is a specialized tool for viewing damaged archive files of the ZIP format and recovering data from them. A professional solution created for everyone, the program opens corrupted ZIP archives and restores their contents with a few mouse clicks thanks to its advanced file analysis engine that uses a combination of several algorithms to achieve the best recovery efficiency. This recovery tool does not modify the damaged source file in any way, allowing users to resort to alternative means of recovery if ZIP Viewer Tool does not do its job properly for any reason. ZIP Viewer Tool views and recovers data from encrypted ZIP archives, supports password-protected archives (requires manual entry of the password by the user), works with large archive files over 4 GB in size, restores data from a variety of corrupted media, from ancient floppy and ZIP drives to modern USB and SSD drives and network locations, and uses a multi-pass technology to ensure the highest quality of file analysis and data recovery. The integrated file viewer shows the contents of the damaged file and enables the user to select specific files or select good, definitely recoverable files only.
The trial version of the software is available in the form of a free, compact and 100% safe to download installation package. The trial version does not allow saving of data to the disk. Purchasing the full version removes this limitation.
ZIP Viewer Tool
ZIP Viewer Tool
Version 1.2.21
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